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Lion Dance

According to experts, lion dance originated over 1500 years ago. The lion itself it not native to China. The first one was brought to China as a tribute during the reign of the Emperor Shun (126-145) of the Han dynasty,

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LED Lion Dance

This performance encompasses the use of Ultra-Violet lightings that projects a luminous outlook onto the Southern Lions, all these performed in darkness. This cast can be done using a single or twin Lions, ranging performances from floor displays, “Chai Qing” performances, and high-pole demonstrations.

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Festive Drums

Synchronised Drummers presenting the Festive Drums beat. Festive Drums are well known in China for the Thunderous effect which set everybody’s heart thumping with the beat produce by the Drummers. Festive Drums Performance come in sets of Lucky numbers 8, 12, 18 or 24 different sizes of Drums.

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LED/Luminous Dragon

With the aid of the Ultra-Violet lighting, this performance is presented in darkness, with the dragon shining in bright luminous colors. The elegance and exquisite array of displays as the Dragon speeds through the arena in enchantment. All the action synchronized perfectly with the drums, gongs and cymbals.

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Koi & Phoenix

An illustrious array of mystical creatures, such as the Koi and the Phoenix, which surmounts hundreds of years in the Chinese History Books. The presence of these mythical animals brings hope and joy to the hearts of people, therefore symbolizing good health and good wealth ahead.

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