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Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is a traditional culture dance originated from China Foo Chow. In the olden days, people came from the concept of “lantern dragon” by using bamboo sticks to form the dragon bone structure and paper for the skin which is color to vibrant colors. Candles was placed in the center of the dragon together…

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Lion Dance

According to experts, lion dance originated over 1500 years ago. The lion itself it not native to China. The first one was brought to China as a tribute during the reign of the Emperor Shun (126-145) of the Han dynasty,

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LED Lion Dance

This performance encompasses the use of Ultra-Violet lightings that projects a luminous outlook onto the Southern Lions, all these performed in darkness. This cast can be done using a single or twin Lions, ranging performances from floor displays, “Chai Qing” performances, and high-pole demonstrations.

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